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The Cloud


For several months, a cloud followed me everywhere, and darkened every sky above me. Which was strange, because the cloud was thousands of miles from anywhere I’d ever stood. Still it did cover me, awake or asleep. It was a cloud of ash, born out of a volcano I’d never seen. We’d been invited to […]

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Fool for Love

What’s your superpower? I always struggled to figure out that one thing I was ridiculously good at. It sounds selfish, and maybe it is…a little. Mostly that desire was born out of a much deeper desire to bring God’s kingdom. I’m still settling in to this realization: my superpower is letting my heart be broken, […]

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The Law of the Thief


We all know why he came. Kill. Steal. Destroy. And yet somehow when it happens to us, when the thief ruptures our reality, we can’t help but feel surprised. There’s something about it that makes us catch our breath. Maybe it’s because we associate being children of God so strongly with being protected. If there’s […]

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An Altar of Uncut Stone


This summer I lived in my friends’ garage. It was both better and more awkward than it probably sounds. (For an explanation of our living situation and other details, you can read my friend Becky’s account of our summer here). We met them twice before they invited us to move in. We had enough money […]

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The Glory and the Launch

We’ve never met, but her song reverberates through my bones. I’d like to think we understand each other. She’s mentioned by name just twice in the Bible, but don’t let that fool you. Her legacy spans farther than those few paragraphs would lead you to believe. We know so little about her life, yet for […]

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Who Advocates for You?


In college, I spent a school year studying the book of Job and adapting it for the stage with a group of friends. The words of this book became so much a part of us. We talked about our own struggles, the suffering we’d witnessed in our young lives, and questioned what God’s response really […]

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His Mercies Aren’t Just New


God’s mercy and compassion toward us are good news. But sometimes I wonder if we’ve associated this idea of daily mercy with the daily portions of manna the Israelites gathered in the wilderness. In a sense the manna was also “new every morning,” but it was only good the day it was collected. After that, […]

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I Thought I Had Nothing Left. Then I Found This:


A few days ago God gave me a picture of my life as a jar of fireflies with no cover. I held it against my chest while all the things we’d invested in blinked, faded, and blinked again, until they melted into the night.  My children’s peaceful hearts, spiritual breakthroughs, houses, jobs, languages, health, friendships, […]

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They Didn’t Love Me Back

Here’s a taste of my story being served up at the Glorious Table this week: I learned the hard way that I fall in love too easily. For starters, I have a thing for epic poetry. And a long-standing crush on Italian (the language). So I may or may not have squealed when a copy […]

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So, Who is this King of Glory, Really?

This month, a group of women from all over the world are sharing the one question that compels them, stirs them, inspires them over at SheLoves Magazine. Today I’m thrilled to share my question: “Who is this king of glory?” I didn’t grow up going to Sunday school, but I’ve taught enough Sunday school classes […]

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