“Hannah’s Biblical insight is poetic and deep”-Xamayta Graver, belief strategist, Abundant at Heart

“Hearing Hannah’s talk was (and is) a game changer for me. I am still thinking of the things she shared with us while speaking at the retreat. It has given me a totally new perspective.” –Donna Mahoney

“I’ll never forget her message”. Anna Lebaron Davenport, Author, Speaker, and Coach

Her deep well of knowledge of scripture and Biblical language adds a unique dimension to her presentations.”Dr. Jana Craft, Pastor, Compass Church

“I was so in awe of Hannah’s story. There are few people I’ve met in life where God is so deeply present with them – not side by side but really IN them. It was so apparent hearing her speak that He is truly a part of her.” -Terra Dossie Doyle



I speak to groups large and small, online and in person, connecting the dots between the language and culture of the Bible and life today. Here are some examples:


Do you ever wonder if you can really hear from God? How can you be certain enough about what you hear to make confident decisions?  Here’s a short sample of an online training for a group of Christian women entrepreneurs that uses insights from the Hebrew language to address those questions:

Connect with God through Listening Prayer


I used to wonder how can I tell my story in a way that glorifies God and serves other people? Here’s one chapter of the story God’s telling in my life, and how it connects with the challenges you’re facing:

How My Story Can Become Our Story


In this radio interview, I share the one tool that’s transformed my life more than any other, based on an insight from the book of Genesis. Here’s how I connect with God in the midst of busyness and uncertainty:

The Night and Day Difference


My husband and I also lead worship through music.  Here’s an original song from our album, Return to Sender:

“I Can’t Wait”


Contact me at mlekallio@gmail.com for more information about having me speak to your group.

Here are some places where the fluent listening message has been featured:

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