I love one man, five kids and the crazy story God is writing in our lives even more than palm trees, ancient ruins, and deepest dark chocolate.

I dream of and work for a world where believers are free to listen to God and to each other, and respond with their whole selves. A world where our relationships are incubators of innovation, reinventing every sphere of life.

I’m a relentless kingdom treasure-hunter, connecting ancient insights with life today. While earning a degree in Ancient Mediterranean Studies, I worked at the largest archaeological dig in Israel, and visited dozens of Biblical archaeological sites. We traveled the length and breadth of Israel with our five kids. Lately, I’m having a blast studying Paleo-Hebrew.

I’m an Israeli exile who’s at home in France, Italy, and Minnesota. A homemaker who had it all, gave it all away, and lived out of a backpack. I’ve lived in a 300 year-old stone farmhouse, a Breton castle, a camper overlooking the Mediterranean coast, and a tiny mud dome in the Arava desert.


I love the taste of Thai curry, pickled limes, and Zhug (Yemeni hot sauce).

The smell of the spice stalls in the souk, bergamot, wormwood, and cardamom.

The sound of my two-year-old sing psalms in Hebrew and Italian, and my 14 year-old playing viola.

The feel of paper, clay, silk and saltwater.

The sight of my children dancing, koi ponds, and Roman mosaics.

I believe in singing new songs, and remembering the ones we’ve forgotten. I equip women to live with soul-deep God confidence. I write, speak, sing and create my guts out for the only One who is worthy.

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