It’s easy to take words like ‘faith’ for granted, but what did it mean to the writers of the Bible? And what does this ancient understanding have to do with our lives today? I love mining God’s word for treasure, and uncovering the many layers of meaning in Hebrew words. Here are a few of my favorite glimpses into Ancient Hebrew language and culture to help you connect with God today.


PicMonkey SampleHere’s one of the Hebrew words for faith and faithfulness. They share the same root word, but differ in important ways:

 Don’t Have Faith. Do this Instead

Escaping the Snare of Faithfulness



shemaThis is the Hebrew word that’s at the core of my mission:

I Will Share this Message as long as I Live




אשרHere’s one of the Hebrew words we translate as ‘blessed’ you can read about it here:

Is this the Blessing You Expected?

Stretched to Be a Blessing




oneHere’s the Hebrew word for ‘one’ or ‘oneness’. It’s so central to God’s character, and so missing in most of our lives:

One Can Cure your Cravings, Save your Sanity, and Transform your Life




1Here’s a surprising look at the Hebrew word for “glory”:

How You Think of God’s Glory is about to Change Forever





tikvaThis is one of the Hebrew words for ‘hope’, and a look at how the word itself reminds us to  hold on:

Is God Asking You to Let Go?





תהוThe times that feel like a waste may be anything but, and this surprising word study reveals why:

Making Sense of the Wasteland




The first in a series about what God’s voice is and does, and a fresh look at the Ancient Hebrew word for “voice”.

God’s-Hand Sandwich, Uncertainty Bread




voiceholdHere’s a very personal look at the power of God’s voice, and the meaning of the word “powerful”.

Why Are We Playing Fetch in a Minefield?





Here’s a brief study on the Hebrew word for “majesty”, and the surprising truth it reveals about God’s voice:

A Majestic Voice and an Open Door


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