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This month, a group of women from all over the world are sharing the one question that compels them, stirs them, inspires them over at SheLoves Magazine. Today I’m thrilled to share my question:
“Who is this king of glory?”
I didn’t grow up going to Sunday school, but I’ve taught enough Sunday school classes to know that when you don’t know the answer, you say “Jesus”. And in this case, the obvious answer is Jesus. He is the king of Glory.

It’s tempting to think there’s not much mystery here, since the text poses the question, and answers it without missing a beat.

“Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.”

But this question drives me deeper into the person I know intimately, and yet barely recognize when we pass each other on the street. This question celebrates the now-and-not-yet of His kingdom better than any statement I could make.


He is the king of glory, and yet I experience the reality of His kingdom only in snatches, in glimpes. His glory is the stuff all life is steeped in…and it’s beyond our grasp.
His kingdom is here…and it’s coming closer.
It’s now…and not yet.

As I live with this tension, this question has given birth to several others, like: (read the full post at SheLoves)

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